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Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki

Rent a car Thessaloniki Thessaloniki SKG Rent A Car

Rent a car in Thessaloniki airport skg and travel in Thessaloniki with one of the rental cars of our company SKG Rent A Car.

After picking up your rental car you can visit the White Tower in the city centre. It is open to the public and guests can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view from the top. Visit the upper town or Old town and take a closer look at the Byzantine medieval walls. The feeling is unique as the whole place is surrounded by history. Some of the churches that you must visit are the Agia Sophia in the center of the city which is among the most important Paleochristian Byzantine temples of Thessaloniki,the Church of Agios Dimitrios where he is the patron saint of the city.

Walk down the most In Areas of Thessaloniki such as Ladadika,Aristotelous Square,Valaoritou,the port,where you can enjoy your coffee,your food,your drink.In these destinations you will experience the night life of the city, as its  residents do.

If you pick up your rental car from Thessaloniki Airport SKG, you can visit the coastal areas of  Peraia,Agia Triada and enjoy your swim as well as a nice meal in front of the sea.

Our company SKG Rent A Car wishes you happy holidays in beautiful Thessaloniki.

Rent a car Chalkidiki | Chalkidiki SKG Rent A Car

Travel to Chalkidiki from the airport of Thessaloniki SKG with one of the rental cars of our company SKG Rent a car.

Pick up your rental car from Thessaloniki’s airport and start your journey with safety, smile and low cost, to beautiful Chalkidiki.

We propose to visit some places in Chalkidiki.

If you are in Kassandra walk down the alleys of Kryopigi, Kallithea, Chanioti Afytos, Peykochori Fourka and Potidaia and many other places.

If you are in Sithonia enjoy your swimming to the beautiful beaches of Nikiti, Vourvourou, Marmaras, Agios Nikolaos, Toroni, Tristinika and many more!

You can also pick up your rental car from any place you want in Chalkidiki or from your hotel that you stay in, just by making your reservation from our site or by calling us (2310471004).

Our company SKG Rent A Car wishes you a pleasant stay in beautiful Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki.


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